School Day Care

Welcome to Bjorøy SFO –School Day Care


SFO – School Day Care

All municipal schools offer care and supervision of children before and after school hours.

School day care (SFO) is offered to all children from 1st to 4th grade. Children with special needs are offered school day care from 1st through 7th grade.



All applications for a place in a school day-care must be done online. The same form is used if you wish to terminate your place or you wish to change the time your child is in attendance at school day-care.

If you need help filling in the form, contact the school in question directly.

You can find the form HERE

If you want your child to change the hours your child attends SFO, you will have to apply for the change electronically. Changes will apply from 15th of the month, one month ahead of time.


Fees and hours of attendance

place hours Price pr month

Heil plass (4,5 t)


07.00 – 16.30




Redusert plass (3,5 t)


07.00 – 15.30




Etter skuletid (2,5 t)


13.10 – 15.30




Morgenopphald (1,5 t)


07.00 – 08.25





Fee reduction

child nr. 2           30%

child nr. 3           50%

There is no fee reduction due to vacation (ferie-SFO)


School vacations

Applications for a place when the school has autumn- winter- and summer vacation must be done online. We need the application 4 weeks ahead of the autumn- and wintervacations and before summervacation you must apply before April 15th .


Vacation (ferie-SFO)

  hours Pris pr week



07.00-16.30 895,-



School Calendar

List of school free days, holidays and vacations at the lower and secondary municipal schools in Øygarden.

Fri means Free. Ferie means Vacation.

Planning days at SFO take place on school free days (usually a handful of days per year). SFO is also closed on planning days.

You can find the school calender HERE



You need to bring your own packed lunch to SFO. We eat at 14.00 every day.




We spend a lot of time outdoors and it’s important to be able to dress for all kinds of weather. You can have extra clothes in the school wardrobe in case you need to change.


School website

For more information about our school visit our website HERE







07.00-08.15 SFO opens


08.15-08.25 We get ready for school
School time  
13.10-14.00 Playtime outdoor (fredag12.25-13.25)
14.00 meal. (fredag 13.25)
14.30 Playtime indoor/outdoor
15.30 Children with redused places are going home.
15.30-16.30 Playtime indoor/outdoor
16.30 SFO closes



Allways let us know when you come to get your child. We need to register everyone when leaving for the day.

Send an sms if the child is absent or not attending SFO.

Use this number: 91 88 82 16


Contact information

Bjorøy SFO

Bjorøyvegen 202

5177 Bjørøyhamn

SFO-Mobile phone: 91 88 82 16

SFO- office: 55 09 75 98

School office: 55 09 75 80



We look forward to meeting you 😊